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Anxitey Counselling Support

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  • 07391279680
  • london
  • 138 New Barn Street, Plaistow
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    Do you want to turn your life around but are unsure how to begin Your Journey? There will be three areas to consider when considering getting your life back on track addressing the past and any uncomfortable feelings that keep you down or stuck. This is the process of clearing up internal conflict. We might spend a lot of time dwelling on the first. Therefore in step two, we need to normalize-confidently the day-to-day living with new growth skills and developing confidence. In step three, we have an ongoing plan of action to work toward our goals of the difference we want to see in life.

    You don't have to control your thoughts? You just don't allow them to control you any longer. Do you suffer from stress and anxiety? The more energy you use to manage your feelings, the worse you feel, even beginning to panic because of fear and feeling unsure. Learn an alternative way of controlling anxiety and stress than allowing it to consume and preoccupy you. Do you view anxiety as involving fear and helplessness, becoming entrapped and defeated? It's beneficial to look around for what is factually reassuring and focus on the present.

    Have you discovered the mind and body connection? You can learn to generate greater calmness during chronic stress and anxiety; it's time to feel more comfortable and confident about your future.

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