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Safely Scented (Home Fragrance) Ltd

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  • 07804477217
  • merseyside
  • 113 Vulcan Parkway
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  • Are you thinking of opening your own Scentsy Account?
    Are you interested in starting a new career, or just looking to add some extra income to your monthly budget?

    Working from home with Scentsy could be the perfect choice for you! You’ll get paid to sell high-quality scented products like wax bars, warmers, room sprays, and diffusers.

    Plus, you’ll enjoy building up friendships with other consultants, as well as making it easy to continue earning an income while you care for your family or pursue other goals – whether it’s finishing your degree or working towards that promotion at work, or simply enjoy bringing up you children and being home to drop and pick up from school.

    Working from home as an Independent Scentsy Consultant
    You don’t need to quit your day job if you don’t want to.

    The beauty of a home-based business is that you get to work in your own time, and there are no office politics or uniforms required.

    Working an hour a day is all you need. All it takes is one hour a day and some imagination!

    If you find yourself overwhelmed at first, remember that you have nothing to lose.

    This can be a fun family activity, and an opportunity for everyone to contribute their ideas and earn some extra money!

    Scentsy – What Is It?
    With products like electric warmers and wax bars, scents are built around popular and trending themes.

    We have partnerships with Disney, that allow us to make items using their franchises. These include Star Wars, Harry Potter and so many more.
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