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Lost Coin Financial Planning Ltd

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  • The Lost Coin Financial Planning Ltd incorporated the business of The
    Lost Coin, formed in 2006, to provide you with quality independent
    financial planning advice, offering fixed fees and value for money.
    They now focus on advising family owned businesses on how to use
    their pension funds to help their business grow, whilst reducing the
    amount of income and corporation tax due.

    We work with you, taking time to examine your existing plans and
    uncover your desired outcomes, before advising you on what actions
    to take to improve your position. You can action this yourself, but many
    ask us to make any agreed changes for them. You do not have to pay
    ongoing fees as our paid review service is optional.

    Financial planning is really quite simple – “spend less than you earn”.
    However, life is complicated as we like to change jobs, homes, start a
    family, care for the young and the old. This is where savings (in the
    form of cash, investments and pensions), mortgages and protection
    plans become useful. Retirement Planning forms a part of Financial
    Planning, with a specific focus on retirement and pensions, but also
    any other resources you may have. This can include savings, ISAs,
    investments, shares, other property, state pensions, inheritances.

    The key to estate planning is to understand the full value of your
    estate, the nature of those assets on death and how you would like the
    proceeds divided between your loved ones, wider family, friends and
    charity. Certain assets such as commercial property, farmland, private
    company and some AIM listed shares attract valuable tax reliefs. You
    need to think carefully about whom you leave these assets to on your
    death, if you wish to minimise any future inheritance tax that may
    become payable.
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