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  • 303 is a creative-focussed digital marketing agency that helps premium businesses amplify their brand.

    303 was originally founded in 2016 (as GreanTea Productions) by Olly Fawcett as a content production agency, in Richmond. We produced short films, commercials and put on a number of theatre shows around the UK, including a sell out show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Fast forward to late 2019, Jamie Vaughan entered the picture and the agency was rebranded and repositioned as 303, to better align with what it had become.

    Creativity is still at the core of everything that we do.
    with an in house team of videographers, photographers, graphic designers and motion graphics experts. However, our creative team is now partnered by a market-leading group of performance marketing, brand building and e-commerce specialists who take our creative digital media and amplify it across organic social media, paid social media, PPC Google advertising and programmatic display channels.

    303 partners with brands in the premium and luxury sectors. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in targeting aspirational & affluent audiences, which has led to business-transformational growth in revenue, brand awareness and traffic for our clients. We offer a unique service to our clients; by creating stunning, premium digital content and distributing it expertly to audiences that drive significant growth for premium and luxury brands, all under one roof.
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