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Heartsease Therapy

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  • Heartsease Therapy provides both Hypnotherapy and Hypnobirthing to any individual who wishes to take a calm and relaxed approach to support.

    Hypnotherapy uses calming and relaxing breathing to bring you into a state of relaxation which promotes change in your subconscious mind. Contrary to popular belief, during hypnosis you will be fully aware, but may find your mind just wanders as you embrace the relaxation through your mind and body.

    Hypnotherapy can be used to aid positive change with a variety of issues such as Anxiety, Fear, Phobias, Relationship Issues, Self Confidence, Health Issues and Sleep.

    Hypnobirthing is a combination of hypnosis and knowledge of birth, to aid a mother to be to feel calm and confident in both her knowledge and her body in preparation of and throughout the birthing experience. Working with the mum, your partner, or whoever is joining you on your labour journey, become empowered and confident to deliver your baby, your way.

    Heartsease Therapy offers an educated and varied approach to supporting you and offers a holistic approach to treatment, positive change and the journey any individual takes with me.

    Get in touch today for a fre discussion about how Hypnotherapy or Hypnobirthing could help you.
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