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Wasp Nest Removal Bromley

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  • 01737 300393
  • london
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  • Wasp Nest Removal Bromley - KPN have a dedicated team of professional wasp control technicians covering Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington and all the surrounding areas seven days a week and can offer a same day service at no extra charge. Every single treatment administered by a member of KPN wasp nest removal comes with a full genuine 100% guarantee, if for any reason the first application was not successful then a second treatment would be given absolutely free of charge.

    It goes without saying that word of mouth has so many advantages and that is why we allow all our customers to have their say and leave their feedback on the wasp nest removal services we provided, these can be found on - a genuine review site that helps sort out the good from the bad. Over 200 previous clients who have used KPN for their wasp nest removal have been kind enough to leave their comments, these can in no way be altered by us and are genuine honest reviews.

    Experience in our opinion is a vital necessity when dealing with a potentially lethal commodity such as a wasps nest, anaphylactic shock is just one concern, but a wasp nest can contain twenty thousand or more insects capable of stinging multiple times and all of which will attack anything trying to threaten their home.

    It is essential to have the correct protective clothing, equipment designed for the job at hand and a treatment that is going to be strong enough to work. KPN wasp nest removal only ever use professional strength insecticides that contain an anaesthetic which helps calm rather than annoy and for that reason a swarm or attack will never arise.

    If you would like any advice then please give us a call, alternatively if you require more information then you can visit our website where we have plenty of information on wasp nest removal, a stings and treatments advice page and an identification page showing the difference between bees, wasps & hornets. If you wish to make a booking for a wasp nest removal please call 01737 300393.
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