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Plastering Liverpool

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  • 0151 203 088
  • merseyside
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  • Plastering Liverpool are your local premium quality plastering service, proudly operating out of Liverpool, and offering the very best plastering at the very best prices.

    Our team of highly trained and time-served plasterers will undertake any, and all plastering services. We will plaster your ceilings and walls to the very highest standards. We will render the exterior of your home, using either traditional and time-proven materials, or the very latest silicone and acrylic based high-tech products. We are skilled with all aspects of plaster detailing, and can advise and fit any type of coving, or renovate and repair your existing coving. We can repair your plaster, from dents and holes, to blown plaster and moisture damage. We can install damp proofing, and we do floor screeding too. We will remove your Artex ceilings safely and cleanly, with no risk to health. No job is too big or too small. if its plaster, we do it.

    Plastering Liverpool are masters of every aspect of plastering. We love it. We have decades of collective experience, and we aren't afraid to show it. All our work displays our skill, and our love of the art. We are proud to serve the people of our proud city with the very best plastering. Liverpool hasn't always had it easy, but at least it can benefit from the highest standard of plaster work. We are proud of that fact.

    What drives us ? We have a vision. We believe we can bring our philosophy of great plastering, great customer service and great prices to the Merseyside region, and wipe away dodgy plaster forever. We foresee a time when Artex is just a bad memory, where great render protects the exterior of every home, and where smooth ceilings and silky walls make us proud of every room. And all at the best prices. We bring that vision with friendly, good humoured and respectful customer service, alongside punctuality and tidiness. That is how we work, and we know its a winning formula.
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