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Plastering Telford

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  • 01952 983025
  • shropshire
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  • Plastering Telford are a proud Shropshire company. We are your local premium quality plastering service, offering a full and extensive range of plastering skills, at very affordable prices

    Our band of experienced professionals will plaster your ceilings and walls, and we can render the exterior of your property with either traditional or high-tech modern products from the best manufacturers. We do damp work too, as well as floor screeding. We are skilled at installing coving and decorative features, and we can renovate existing ones. We also offer a comprehensive plaster repair service. No job is too big or too small. Plastering Telford will also remove your Artex cleanly and without fuss.

    We are true professionals in the art of plastering. We love our job, and we love sharing our skills with the people of Shropshire. We believe Plastering Telford are second to none, and our prices are always extremely comparative. We have the skills, the experience and the knowledge to complete any project. Our reputation is extremely important to us.
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