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Blind Gleam

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  • How many domestic premises have blinds in the UK and who cleans those blinds?

    According to the BBSA (British Blind & Shutter Association) 30% of households have blinds, with a forecast steady growth towards £400million by 2014. All these blinds will need to be cleaned and does anyone really know or have the time to clean blinds to a professional standard?

    Blind Gleam was established principally to clean all types of window blinds in both commercial/domestic premises. The cleaning process used is the latest ultrasonic cleaning systems featuring ground breaking technology, imported from Switzerland which completely supersedes and out performs current market technologies. What is ultrasonic cleaning? Ultrasonic cleaning uses high frequency mechanical sound waves to create millions of airless bubbles that imploded against any object in a temperature controlled ultrasonic stainless steel water tank, coupled with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent gives astonishing new levels of cleaning performance. The whole process of ultrasonic cleaning is 100% eco-friendly.

    There is a real benefit in using ultrasonic cleaning to clean window blinds:
    Cost Saving – Regular cleaning of blinds, will increase the life expectancy, saving customers money on expensive replacements.

    Environmental impact on replacement – Customers are now opting for the sustainable approach and wanting to reduce the impact on the environment by reusing and recycling blinds that have been through the ultrasonic process.

    Health & Safety – Blinds catch dust and harmful bacteria that could potentially aggravate customer’s allergies and increase sickness .Ultrasonic cleaning removes such harmful build ups making the environment more acceptable to all.

    Improved Hygiene – Ultrasonic cleaning can help improve the hygiene levels.

    Ambiance – Creating the perfect initial impression for all entering the premise and continuing that attention to cleanliness throughout to provide a light environment for all.

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