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Lucid Rhino Web Design

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  • 01604948600
  • northamptonshire
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  • Hello! We are Lucid Rhino, a web and creative agency in Northampton. Our mission is to help people communicate clearly and to help businesses grow online. That’s where the lucid bit comes in. We want to create bold and colourful things, art that we can be proud of. That’s where we get the rhino from. Sort of.

    We design and build websites, online e-commerce systems, manage hosting and web domains and help clients develop brilliant branding strategies.

    We want to inspire the trust of our clients. We want to be seen as an investment, not an expense. Our aim is to never churn out an ill-considered or ill-fitting solution. We work with clients to make sure we understand their needs so whatever we create adds genuine value to their business or cause. That’s what we aim to do, whatever it is we’re doing. We aim to create websites, branding strategies and copy that prove their value over time.

    We’ve built things for charities, shops, churches and individuals. We’ve led projects communicating through print, social media, events, music, video, email and (our speciality) websites.

    Alongside our core work we provide blazing fast web hosting, 2D and stop-motion animation, website SEO, security and speed optimisation and we build online e-commerce stores.

    What can we do for you? Got an idea for a project? Throw something at us.
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    2D digital animation

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