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WE Alarms

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  • 01920438763
  • London
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  • WE Alarms are the leading UK manufacturer and suppliers to the Personal Attack Alarms industry and supply direct to public.

    Our range of Personal Alarms, Rape Alarm, Safety Keyring Alarm, crime deterrent DNA and UV marker sprays for Public, Elderly, Students, Police, Care Workers and the NHS. You can buy direct and get the best value across our complete range of quality approved UK Security Alarms, Rape Alarms, Personal Alarms and Personal Safety Alarms.

    For convenience and easy access in a panic, there's our popular Walk Easy Key-Ring Personal Alarm all with ear piercing 130+ decibels panic sounding alert. Or there's our no nonsense original Walk Easy Personal Alarm. We also have our dependable Walk Easy DNA Deterrent Alarm and The Repell spray. This sprays a cloud of foul odour and a yellow fluorescent dye. This is the ultimate innovative deterrent that's designed to keep you safe and be totally reassured you're ready to deter and mark your attacker.
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