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Wasp Nest Removal Croydon

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  • Low, fixed price wasp control in Croydon & surrounding areas. Save 30% Today.

    How do I remove a wasp nest can be a dilemma for many in the Croydon area, wasps can pose a real problem & can potentially be very dangerous when they are defending their homes. A singular wasp can inject it's painful sting many times, & during an attack thousands will help defend their Queen, stinging repeatedly. Average sized wasp nests will contain 10,000 or more & so treating a wasp nest without the proper experience can have very serious consequences.

    Wasp Nest Removal Croydon have been supplying safe pest solutions for all aspects of wasp & hornet control for the past 20 years & have acquired a great knowledge about this very defensive insect. Considerations have to be dealt with when dealing with these aggressive creatures, safety equipment & protection must be used when any treatments are given.

    You, your family & pets well being is our priority & so a full risk assessment is always put in place before taking a nest away or applying any insecticides.
    Inexperience when attempting to destroy wasp or hornet nests can go horribly wrong, rest assured our Wasp Nest Removal Croydon team are accustomed to all wasp infestations no matter what their size.

    Wasps will set up home just about anywhere, residing in your flowerbeds, garden shrubs, trees or in the garden shed but in and around the roof space is most common. Under the tiles, air vents, wall cavities & inside the loft are a wasps favourite choice & more often than not the nest itself will not be visible but can still be dealt with. If you see numerous wasps entering the same point, I am afraid you have got a wasp nest.

    Wasp Nest Removal Croydon are available every day of the week, bank holidays included & can usually attend your property within a few hours in order to leave you free of wasps or hornets in the quickest time possible. There is no extra charge for a same day service, weekends or bank holidays, our prices remain the same no matter when you call or the size & location of the affliction.

    If you have wasps or hornets & call our wasp control team to deal with the problem for you then all nests are covered by our guarantee. If you still see wasp activity after 24 hours we will return free of charge & apply another treatment to the affected area, 96% of nests are destroyed upon the first time of asking but occasionally a second treatment (free) may be required.

    For a fully insured & guaranteed wasp control service in Croydon or any surrounding town or village look no further than Wasp Nest Removal Croydon. All of our technicians have been CRB checked & have undergone extensive training within the company to safely eradicate any infestation you may have. For any advice or to make a booking call 01737 300393 or for more details regarding bees, hornets & wasps please check out our website.

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