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The Good Gut

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    The Good Gut is an independent online health platform promoting awareness of the human microbiome and how to adapt diet and lifestyle in the pursuit of health.

    Our mission to further the understanding of our gut microbiome - and how we can use this knowledge to identify and avoid damaging toxins produced by the food, agricultural & pharma industries
    treat disease and maintain our health through diet and lifestyle.

    “All Disease Begins in The Gut”
    The human microbiome is perhaps one of the most significant discoveries of the century. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine noted that the root of all disease was in the gut over two millennia ago, however it is only in recent years that we’ve begun to understand how true this is. The vast majority of diseases can be linked back to the gut - and our aim is to help improve our understanding of how the human microbiome affects our health and happiness – and how we can better protect the health and diversity of our microbiome to prevent and treat many diseases, allergies and chronic conditions now plaguing our societies.
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