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  • New Sky Thai Massage in Southampton deliver the true massage experience from Thailand. The 4 different massages we deliver will help you heal your body to bring back the balance in the energy lines and for you to feel good.

    Having more than 20 years experience not only does the owner deliver the massage you need but with the high-quality standards that New Sky expects the masseuses are the best that can be found in Southampton.

    The Massage Services
    Full Body Massage
    The full body massage or oil massage uses aromatic oil that is skin friendly. Our English speaking fully certified masseuses will relief your body from stress that we sometimes unnoticed have because of our hectic lifestyle.

    Reflexology Massage
    A reflexology massage is much more than just a foot massage, using flex points on your feet to boost the immune system, improves sleep and there are so many more benefits to write.

    Sports Massage
    Exercising is important but so is taking your rest, a sports massage will help to remove small paints and for your body to recover quicker after a sports sessions. Just think about all these top athletes, they have a massage after exercising and there should be no difference for you.

    Traditional Thai Massage
    The ancient Thai massage, well known all over the world, and by stretching the body and using other ancient techniques the masseuse will release the tension in your muscles. The traditional Thai massage takes longer than other massages but the deep tissue effects are more profound.

    No matter which massage you are looking for the quality is second to none and will give your body a boost that is needed in nowadays live. Your muscles will feel reborn, the stress is gone, and that will help you in your daily activities even when you have a job sitting on a chair watching a computer screen.

    When you come to Southampton give us a call and we are happy to make you feel comfortable and relaxed with a cup of tea or a coffee before you have your massage session. There is a shower to remove all dirt before and oil after your session.

    New Sky Thai massage in Southampton is open 7 days a week from 10 am to 8:30 pm which gives you plenty of time and with a large car park just behind the premises you will be able to park your car.
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