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Pac-Hs Limited

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  • lancashire
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  • Supplier of packaging and consumables both printed and unprinted, with a large selection of carrier bags, tissue paper, giftwrap, gift boxes ribbons and labels. our website contains around 1000 products which can be purchased on line in small quantities. you can also enquire about printed packaging.

    Pac-Hs is an online business. They provide a large range of packaging predominately to small retailers.

    Paper bags are their main focus and selling point. They have a large range of styles, colours and sizes. Their Kraft Twisted Paper Handle bags are one of our top selling items. They match pretty much any colour scheme and are a wonderful way to ensure the bags match what you are selling. However, I guess some might say they are a bit boring and generic, well if you like the colour Pac-Hs can always print your name or logo onto it and give a more personal touch.

    If your brand is more ‘high end’ and a standard paper bag wouldn’t really match you image, don’t worry they have some lovely ranges of Luxury bags too. These tend to be more sturdy and can have a Matte, Glossy or Pearlised finish to them, as well as rope or ribbon handles. Again, if you wish to personalise these that is a possibility for you.

    Maybe you own a business where you sell something which needs a more specific kind of bag, for example wine or cakes. Pac-Hs also have a selection of these, so no need to look any further if that’s what you are after.

    The environment is something people have on their mind more often these days, which is why they offer a range of reusable bags (and some made from recycled paper). Their reusable bags include, a jute bag, cool bag, cotton totes, polyester drawstring bags, and polypropylene totes & mini totes.

    But it’s not only bags Pac-Hs have to offer! They also have a range of tissue paper and gift wrap. These are both available in a large selection of colours.
    Their ribbon range has also proven to be very popular. They stock 9mm Grosgrain and Satin ribbons in a large selection of colours. But we do have other sizes and options available. Again, they are able to print text and small images onto these (such as company name and/or a small emblem).

    Visit the Pac-Hs website to see the full extent of what they have to offer.
    If you are interested in any of their printed products you can enquire about those on the website, or email and the Pac-Hs team will assist you with this as soon as they can.

    Pac-Hs offer quick and affordable services to anyone looking for anything on their website. They do their best to always help you and ensure you are completely satisfied with their service.
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