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Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd

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  • 0800 0467432
  • hertfordshire
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  • About Able Flat Pack Builders Ltd

    Although we are a burgeoning business, and operate as a small or large team depending on the task ahead, all of our staff have extensive experience in the field, and are more than capable of offering a first-class, professional-quality furniture assembly and disassembly service. Simply give us a call or use our contact page to book a fully insured service for our Home, Office, and Commercial Property maintenance services

    When Able Flat pack Builders was established we wanted to offer a complete wrap around service for the everyday needs for the home and commercial property's.
    We quickly released that we had members of our team who would be able to offer an array of different skills, who can cover all small Handyman jobs to our customers.
    All of Able's work is carried out by experienced INSURED member of our staff. We can offer to take care of almost everything that you need to be done around your home, office, or commercial property.insured service.
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