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Drukker Solicitors

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  • Intellectual property legal advice from Central London to protect registered and unregistered intellectual property. We advise startups, and established businesses identify and protect their IP rights and where necessary enforce those rights again competitors who take unfair advantage of those rights.
    Intellectual proeprty is of central improtance to many businesses in London, especially those supplying services. Media agencies, videographers, and companies providing services SEO base their businesses on assets which can only be protected by itnellectual.
    Our legal advisors have assisted well-known and now established startup businesses in London, which promote products and services.
    We able able to advise on each stage of the business lifecycle, including:
    1. protectability of the business product or service concept;
    2. designing around infringement of competitors products and services to avoid unncessary lawsuits;
    3. advising on shape characteristics, form of trade marks for brand protection;
    4. modes of delivery to safeguard against infringement by comeptitors;
    5. managing confidential information properly;
    6. shoring up contracts to ensure that are fit for purpose;
    7. invesment strategies and negotiations;
    8. appropriate legal documentation for use with suppliers and customers.

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    Technology law
    Trademark law
    Intellectual property
    business disputes

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