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Loft Boarding Midlands

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  • 01922 432093
  • west-midlands
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  • Loft Boarding Midlands Install Loft Boarding, Loft Ladders, and Loft Hatches, Loft Insulation and are Approved Installers of a UNIQUE Raised Loft Storage Solution that has been designed for homes with Insulated Lofts. Loft Boarding Midlands will transform unusable insulated loft spaces with our unique raised loft boarding system, creating a clean, versatile storage space and safe easy access to the loft.

    Our approved installers are fully trained and insured, and, our installations are very clean and quick, causing minimal disruption to the home owner with little to no upheaval. Our installers are very conscientious and take great pride in their work which in turn generates many referrals.

    Our system is the only system on the market that enables homeowners to retain the benefits of an insulated loft and create extra storage space without compromising on energy efficiency.

    Our commitment:

    Loft Boarding Midlands are committed to providing an above standard, quality installation with our primary focus on the requirements of our customers. The materials that are used in all of our installations are of the highest quality and where applicable carry a BSI or equivalent quality trade mark. Our fully trained and insured installation crews will always be mindful and respectful of our customer’s homes. We will at no point cut corners, utilise inferior materials or compromise the integrity of a customer’s home, and will at all times be Health and Safety compliant.
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