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Gizump Integrated Marketing

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  • In business management only the paranoid survive.

    Gizump your way to the top with the latest marketing, management or leadership skills .

    The industrial revolution amplified productivity, the Internet revolution will amplify relationships. It will change your life, your career & your business, because relationships are at the very heart of civilization. Leaders in marketing & management need to keep abreast of new technology and new techniques. If we do, we enjoy huge advantages over those that fail to adapt and as Andrew S. Grove, Chairman of Intel said "only the paranoid survive".

    With over 30 years experience in marketing management within the IT sector, I have seen vast changes and, possibly, a revolution. I watched in awe as the impossible became the norm and marketing, management and leadership skills were turned on their head.

    Today I research new ideas in management, marketing & leadership. I publish articles and pass on my years of experience to business managers & entrepreneurs through workshops to help them gain competitive advantage through the understanding and implementation of new technology and new research {gizump).

    Search engine optimization will give you a competitive edge.

    Research shows that 85% of searches on Google never pass page 2. Imagine the web as a city, having your site ranked in the top 10 of Google search gives you a store in a prime location in the World's busiest shopping mall. Being out of the top 10 gives you a corner store in the back streets. However, the power of a high Google page ranking is even greater, the nearer to number one, the greater the chance that you convert visits to sales. It appears that searchers associate a top page ranking on Google with quality brands.
    High search engine rankings have to be earned.

    Most web design & web marketing companies think they know search engine optimization or SEO as it's known - but do they? There is no quick or easy way to get to the top; many found this out to their cost when Google's Panda & Penguin updates were rolled out during 2012/13. Google now demotes sites that use webspam, keyword stuffing and unnatural links.

    What many thought was SEO had initially worked, but then turned out to be anything but optimal. Millions of web sites have been heavily penalized, losing traffic and revenue. Here at Gizump we prefer to be part of the large and growing industry of specialists that work in a highly complex discipline that requires marketing, web technology, research and communication skills.
    We have all you need for success on the Internet.

    Although the web is less of a wild frontier now there is still a chance for David to gizump the Goliaths. You can beat the big guys & get to the top of Google. All you need is:

    a great product that your customers want to buy.
    good service that's better than your competitors.
    niche focus on a target market with the right positioning.
    great content, that's relevant & interesting to your customers.
    good search engine optimization or SEO.

    We can't help with the first two, but we can most certainly help with the rest. To get your web site near the top of Google will take time and effort. We'll teach you what you need to know so that we can work together to make your web site something to be proud of that creates business and generates profits.
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