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Sarah Swirled Belly Dance

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  • Sarah Swirled Belly Dance is a small local based company specialising in Egyptian belly dance. She started learning belly dance in her mid-twenties (she's 48 now), and had never considered teaching until she was encouraged to do a course in safe teaching through JWAAD, after which it seemed the obvious choice to use the knowledge learned there. It has taken a lot time, and there have been some steep learning curves, but the business has grown and developed. Sarah is fun-loving, caring and eager to share her knowledge and love of this dance with others. She likes nothing better than to watch students grow and develop in the dance, and loves to help them along their path. Services available: *** NEW *** Weekly Dance Classes for Beginners - I am really excited to announce that as from Monday 11th March I will be offering weekly classes for beginners. Students will start by learning basic technique of belly dance, but as they develop new things will be introduced, such as choreography, different styles of belly dance, and much more. Students can choose to Pay-as-you-go or, for a limited time only, if you buy 5 lessons in advance you'll get the 6th one FREE! So what's stopping you? Join me and start a new adventure, and have fun too! Booking is needed if buying the special offer and may be done via my website. Weekly Classes for Improvers - These classes have been designed for students who have the basic technique of belly dance. These classes will help to develop students further, and are encouraged to take part in local dance events (but only if they want to). Students will learn about performance skills, different styles of belly dance, the use of props, musicality and instrumentation, and more. Beginners Crash Course - Originally created to try and encourage new students through the doors, this course has proven to be popular and useful. However, not everyone can travel to Preston, or commit every week, and so I have developed this course to be an out-of-house course. This means that I travel to you. The design of the course is the same as before; there are six hours of classes, all attendees will receive hand-outs each week to enhance what they have learned, and all attendees will receive a free CD. But instead of you travelling to me, I will travel to you. YOU decide how you would like the course taught, i.e. one hour per week for six weeks, two hours a day for three consecutive days, or maybe weekends are better. The choice is yours. And you can also choose where you want the course to be taught. Suitable for groups of friends wanting to go something new together, community groups or even hotels looking for something to entertain the guests. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, contact me for more information. Hen Parties - This is a new service which I started in 2018. Dress up in my Arabian Nights costumes and enjoy a photo shoot with your friends. Afterwards, I will teach you some basic dance steps before teaching a fun choreography. You can choose your favourite song if you like which I will choregraphy, or I can use something from my library. Included with this service is a free bottle of Prosecco and there's also a gift for the hen! Belly Dance Workshops - suitable for groups and societies. If you are a group of friends wanting to try belly dance, or a community group in need of some entertaining, these could be for you. All workshops are suitable for children and adults alike, and men and boys are most welcome to join in too. I have three workshops available: An Introduction to Belly Dance - here you will learn some basic technique of belly dance before learning a simple but fun choreography. Saidi Stick Dance - in this workshop you will learn what Saidi Dance is and where it comes from. You will also learn how to manipulate the stick, as well as dance with it. You will learn a simple choreography. Veil Dance - The veil is a beautiful prop but can be fiddly to use. In this workshop you will learn what the veil is used for, how to hold it correctly and how to dance with it. A simple choreography will also be taught. It is recommended that you allow 1.5 hours per workshop to get the most out of it, but it can be shortened or lengthened if required. Educational Talks on Belly Dance - I am very proud to announce that I have been an approved speaker for the Women's Institute for two years now. The talk that I provide is called Belly Dance: Styles and Costuming. Unlike other talks, this one is very visual. I will take you on a journey around Egypt, and describe some of the different styles of dance found under the term "belly dance". Not only that, but I also bring some of my different costumes which belong to these styles for you to have a look at, and I demonstrate each style in dance form too. If you are looking for something that's both educational but entertaining, then this is just the thing you are looking for. Belly Dance Parties (Children) - Children are always looking for something new to do, and what could be more different than belly dance? The ages of the children attending will dictate the content of the party, but I am able to cater for this. I can include belly dance related party games for younger children, as well as teach attendees a few simple dance steps. If more dancing is required, I can teach a simple choreography too. You can choose the piece of music if you like, or I can pick something from my library. If you want to include a prop you can, between finger cymbals or veil. Coin hip belts will be provided for guests to wear for the duration of the dancing. For more information visit my website. Belly Dance Parties (Adults - not male only) - Why should children have all the fun? I can come and teach you and your guests some basic dance steps before teaching a simple choreography. You can choose the piece of music used, or I can use something from my library. Why not make it more fun and include a prop? For more information visit my website. Belly Dance Birthday Cake - This is more suited for children and was originally designed for my own daughter after she decided she wanted a belly dance party. For more information on any of the above services, please visit my website or contact directly. I am open to negotiation so if there is something specific you require, please ask.
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