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Prihoda UK Ltd

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  • derbyshire
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  • Prihoda UK Ltd are the county's leading supplier of Fabric Ducting systems for commercial, industrial, educational and leisure facilities. Prihoda design, supply, install and maintain their fabric ducting systems. We use advanced software to provide customers with air flow graphics, noise data and 3D images of their systems. Prihoda can offer systems made from 100% recycled material in a variety of shapes and colours to suit the application. Including in the designs are a range of colours, cleanroom non-fibre shedding material, a long 10 year warranty and flame retardant specification all as standard.

    Fabric Ducting offers a variety of air patterns from ultra low velocity to long throw applications. Cooling below dew point without condensation is possible using our permeable material or heating for long duct runs with our insulated material, we have a range of diffuser options to suit any application.

    Please contact us for further information.

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