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Skip Hire Enfield

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  • If this is the first time youíre hiring the services of a skip hire in Enfield, youíre in the right place! Whether you are aware or not, you actually need to know a thing or two about skips before hiring a company and asking them to go to your place Ė it saves you so much trouble. If you arenít new to contracting with skip hires, well, itís nice to see you here too. It means that youíre looking for the best Enfield skips and trying to learn what can still be learned from this service. Either way, this site should be of help to you.

    We have a roster of skip hires that you can talk to directly (rest assured theyíre the best in the business!) but you would want to first be prepared with your questions and answers (for whatever questions they may have in return).

    So letís skip the name dropping portion for now (pun intended) Ė here are some things you might want to know about the business of skipping:

    Skips and stuff

    1. Whatís a skip?

    Letís start with the simplest question. A skip is a large waste container, usually trapezoidal in shape, which has no top or cover and is boarded on a special truck called a lorry. It is typically used in clearing debris of demolished buildings, but may also be used for disposing domestic junk and stuff, like broken furniture, walls, etc. Companies would normally drop the skip on oneís yard by using a crane and several chains, then the waste items would be loaded into the skip, after which the skip would be replaced on the back of the lorry, and finally, the lorry would ride away to the waste facility.

    It comes in different sizes, from as small as 2 cubic yards, to as huge as 40 cubic yards, supporting 8 tons of cargo at the minimum. A 20 cubic yard Roll-On, Roll-Off (RORO) skip is almost as high as an average person; a 40 cubic yard RORO is way taller. These very big skips have wheels that allow them to be rolled on and off the lorry (hence their name), with seriously heavy lifting and support done by powerful hydraulic cranes.
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