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Maasterpieces Biltong

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  • I have a home business producing air dried beef (Biltong) in various flavours; Chilli, Chilli & Garlic, Garlic and the most popular Original. Biltong is a low carb, low fat & high protein product and is used by athletes, sports enthusiasts and body builders. Itís also popular in all outdoor pursuits including camping, fishing, hiking, cycling, climbing and many more. Itís also used by Diabetics and is handy to be kept in lunch boxes, to be used as a tasty treat. Biltong is a great tasting, real beef snack, made to an age old South African recipe using only the best prime beef cutsÖI only use a cut of Silverside Beef that I get in 10 - 15 kilogram slabs sourced locally. This premium beef is then cut into strips of various sizes, spiced according to the customers requirements, marinated and air-dried until it reaches the consistency required by the Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom. Biltong is air-dried, thus retaining a high protein level. It takes roughly 200g of beef to produce 100g of RTE (Ready To Eat) Biltong. With this reduction of Water Content the Protein value is very high, ranging from 40g per 100g of Biltong, to over 60g of protein per 100g of Biltong. The Fat Content ranges from 14% per 100g of Biltong, to just under 5% per 100g of Biltong, of which just over 2g is saturates (the reason for these fluctuations in food value, is in relation to how long the meat is dried for). Because itís air-dried, the nutritional benefits are concentrated and results in high a quality snack, which can help minimise feelings of hunger and decreased overall energy intake, with very few of the negative aspects. This tasty snack is not be used as a substitute for a varied diet, but nevertheless, is ideal for anyone looking for a nutritious high protein snack. Biltong can be used for Physical Fitness, because with very little fat and no artificial preservatives, this snack is a great addition to a low carb diet, or any diet that involves working out on a regular basis. Biltong will give you the protein to maintain your energy levels during workouts; whether itís weight lifting, cardio routines, or walks to keep you healthy and strong. Biltong will give you the protein if you undertake any exercise regime with the goal of building muscle. This protein intake through the consumption of Biltong gives your body the building blocks to build muscle, without taking from other parts of the body. Individuals who exercise, or work out to maintain optimum fitness, need a great deal of protein than others to get the best results. Many of my customers are Body Builders, Cyclists, Personal Trainers and Sports Dieticians. They highly recommend it. Iím able to deliver locally (within a 15 mile radius) and Iím able to send you samples (delivery or by post).
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