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  • Welcome to LaunchLocal, we are a Cardiff based that company that has been operating since the beginning of 2016. Our business is co-owned and run by two extremely hardworking entrepreneurs, who thrive within the internet marketing industry. Kristian Harris who began his business venture at a young age completed a business management degree whilst opening and running his first business which is private tutoring company. Kris excelled in his love for business and the private tutoring company is still running successfully today. He was able to utilize search engine optimisation for his first business, through a lot of sleepless nights and dedicated learning of SEO and web design, which helped him generate a large percentage of the leads that come through his tutoring business. Due to Kris using the major search engines to his advantage, not to mention the correct use of online marketing, his business is still listed on page 1 of Google for search terms within Cardiff and has been for the past 2 years. Keenan Garvey is our Director of Operations, after Keenan went travelling around various parts of the world for 2 years and running a business in the process, Keenan and Kris came together and ventured into the world of Facebook advertising, which only led them closer to the best opportunity they could have asked for. They came across 2 mentors that are truly experts within the local and national online marketing industry. Both of which are self-made millionaires and Kris and Keenan are using the exact techniques they have been taught by both mentors to help launch local businesses. Specialist Skills The work that we complete aims to increase website traffic and online brand awareness through different online marketing avenues. Overall, we are here to help local business within Cardiff and South Wales thrive, by passing more leads for your business through Google, Bing and Yahoo searches. If you are a business that wants more leads, higher website traffic and out rank competitors, you have come to the right place. Speak to one of our specialists today. The knowledge they gave solidified Krisís already known knowledge of SEO and gave him even more of an understanding of online marketing as a whole and as for Keenan, this was a new opportunity to become an expert in the field, so he did exactly that by dedicating every ounce of time and energy into learning every aspect of search engine optimisation and online marketing. Using the 2 mentors and Krisís knowledge Keenan became addicted to the life of online marketing, generating leads and helping local businesses. Both Kris and Keenan are now dedicated to building local businesses and it has become a passion to watch them grow from using the online marketing and SEO strategies they have been taught. Let us help your business and truly launch you in the right direction. We want every business to understand that when choosing us to complete any SEO, Websites, Lead Generation, Ad words management, or any of the services that we provide, that we are experts within the online marketing industry. Our hunger and passion to deliver results and grow businesses, means that we will go to any length to ensure client satisfaction and happiness for every single project we carry out for your business. Since the start of the business, Kris and Keenan have spent countless hours building websites, completing SEO strategies and helping clients from all across the world, they have completing complete internet marketing campaigns for clients in Australia, America and the United Kingdom and passing over leads that have come through each of the major search engines.
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