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Bigness Rubbish Clearance

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  • Clearing your property from unwanted junk can be a tough job, especially if you are completely clueless about how to dispose them properly. Improper disposal of wastes can be dangerous not just to the health of your community but to the cleanliness of the environment as well. Fortunately, we at Bigness Rubbish Clearance can help you out in terms of disposing your junk properly.

    Our company, Bigness Rubbish Clearance, provides eco-friendly waste disposal services. We assure our customers that our methods of rubbish clearance are 80% harmless to the environment. After collecting your waste, we will sort them into three different classifications: biodegradable, non-biodegradable and reusable. From this, we will determine the best disposal technique that should be used.

    For biodegradable materials, we usually sell it to companies that will turn them into natural fertilizers. Through this, we will be able to eliminate your biodegradable junk completely. This process should be done rapidly as these biodegradable materials will accumulate bacteria and fungi and attract rodents and pests when not disposed instantly.

    We assure you that we do not burn the non-biodegradable materials that we collect. The burning of plastics and Styrofoam will create a dangerous gas called chlorofluoro carbon which is dangerous to the Earth’s ozone layer. As much as possible, we forward them to recycling companies that can turn them into new products that can be used by other people. However, if they are already considered unusable, we dispose them in a specific approved lot that is kept sanitized regularly.

    For the reusable materials, we forward them to reselling stores. Through this, your old and unused possessions will have a new user and they will be handled properly.

    Waste disposal is not just about removing your waste in your own property and placing it to yet another lot. We at Bigness Rubbish Clearance consider our job of rubbish clearance as our own share in helping the environment.
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